Families' Testimonials

We feel very fortunate to enroll our son in Prek-2-go online program. Over the past 2+ years, it has been amazing to watch our son learn and grow through nurturing care of most dedicated teacher, Ms. Teri. She is one of the most caring and thoughtful teachers I have ever known. Ms. Teri has had a lasting impression and a positive impact on my son. She not only prepared him for Kindergarten but also taught to love learning. This is priceless. During monthly parent teacher meeting she not only made suggestions but we're always eager to hear suggestions from parents. The class activities that are planned for the children everyday encourage a fun learning environment. Our son continually shared what he learned and we couldn’t be more pleased with the progress he has made. The engaging curriculum, the care Ms. Teri shown and the love and concern reinforced to us by Prek-2-go was the exact environment for our son. Thank you!
Syeid Family
Absolutely amazing program ! This is a one of a kind opportunity for children to learn in the safety of their own home. Your child’s day can be customized to fit their needs and these are the most patient and caring teachers I have ever met. The activities and lesson plans help parents to expand on the learning throughout the day. My child has excelled in so many ways since starting and we look forward to many more years with Pre-K 2Go!
Kara Ross
Facebook review
My daughter @tiny_tot_artist! She’s only been in their program for a few months and in that short time she’s learned so much! Ladybug just had an assessment for school and is testing in at a Kindergarten level and she’s only 3!!!! If you’re looking for a home school program for your little ones be sure to check out @prek.2go!
Instagram review
Prek2go has been a great experience for me and my daughter. Even as a working from home single mom to a 3 year old! I love the lesson plans and fast communication and affordability of the program. I hope they eventually go past age 5.
Sontonya Necheal
Facebook review
I have been incredibly shocked at the high quality of the schooling and activity. This experience has been extraordinary. The teachers have been extraordinarily prepared, guiding, and supportive of all the children and parents.
Maya Rubalcaba
PreK.2Go has been a game changer at my home. The Thinking Adventure sessions give me engaging activities that i can do with my two children without even having to leave home. I get to laugh with other moms in my same situation and to learn a lot from our teacher Ms. Marcia, on how to stimulate them and keep them entertained during the day!
Natalia Pinzon
As a parent this program was one of the best decision we made for our daughter. The curriculum is amazing. They both loved their teacher(Mrs.Terri). We definitely recommend Thank you Prek2go
Tishara Shine
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Teacher's Testimonials

This new experience has been very emotional because, despite the distance, one still achieves that connection with the children; and seeing them with their parents working as a family fills me with profound joy. Being a teacher is not easy and even more difficult online, but if you do things with love, everything goes well, and I am willing to teach and learn with them in this new educational adventure.
Ms. Ximena Valladares
Teacher and School Director
In the beginning, it was scary, but day by day kids were engaged, and happier, with a very warm welcome. at that moment my heart grew because there are no walls, no obstacles to teach, and to touch every kid's heart and family confidence. Parents are happy, they expressed to me they told me, even if their kids are not in the classroom, with the teacher and their friends, they are o happy to see me every day and get connected. That is the best thing for me. I love to hear that.
Ms. Nairym Hurtado
I just wanted to reach out and personally thank you again for the wonderful training experience! It has been a long time since I have truly enjoyed attending training, and I am thrilled to learn so much new! so, thank you very much for your time and efforts.
Patti Costa

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